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Thank you for visiting Eco Style Living Magazine. I hope you enjoy your visit and are able to leave with some great ideas about living green with style. Please sign up for our email list so you can download your FREE ebook. You will find great tips and helpful information available inside the book. I plan on adding to the website regularly since sustainable, or eco style is a passion of mine.

I have always believed that eco style is much more a frame of mind. What I mean is, you could be living out in the boonies (like me) or a high rise in the city and still live eco style. It’s simple, really, all you need is the belief that what you do in your environment matters and live accordingly.

I hope in this magazine to give you ideas on how to be “green” and still maintain the lifestyle you are comfortable with.

Tips on living eco style

I’m always searching for ways to reduce my household carbon footprint. When I find items of interest I will be sure to let you all know about them. Together, we can make a difference.

Products for eco style living

Living in eco friendly style means sustainable or green products will infiltrate all areas of your life. Your choices at home, for your landscape and garden as well as the fashions, accessories and food you chose can all contribute to leading an environmentally friendly life. When I find interesting or worthwhile products I will add them here in the appropriate category.

Reviews of Books related to eco style living

I am an avid reader and care very much about living green. When I come across an interesting or helpful book I will do a review. You will find them in the review category.